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Areas of application for bag filters

– production facilities equipped with different types of furnaces;
— food industry;
— asphalt concrete plants;
– cement plants;
— production of coatings and gypsum;
– factories for the production of plastic or glass products;
— metallurgical industry;
– chemical industry;
– flour mills;
— woodworking industry;
— petrochemical industry;
– mining companies.

How bag filters work

Polluted air enters through the duct (or flue) into the dirty chamber. After that, dust particles settle on the sleeves, and the purified air passes through the round sleeves and enters the clean chamber. The purified gas leaves the filter with the help of a fan to the street or back to the room.


Specifications vary by configuration. For each client, we create a project based on a detailed survey about the production and nature of the dust. It is possible to perform the filter in a non-standard design, depending on the customer’s vehicle.

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