Решетки для саженцев
Posts brackets decoration
Benches, benches, swings
Fences, parking lots, barriers
Waste containers
Litter bins street
Barbecues and stoves

Types of equipment and elements of landscaping

Small architectural structures

Checkpoints, checkpoints, kiosks, sheds for individual transport, trade pavilions, recreation pavilions, gazebos, pergolas, trellises.

Functional equipment and amenities

Benches, tables, retaining walls, stairs on slopes, ramps, fences for enterprises, gates, barriers, masts, spotlights, lawn lamps, bins, garbage containers, signs, information stands, flagpoles.

The YUGSTAL plant works for construction organizations, operating service companies, utility companies for landscaping, as well as for individuals who want to put the territory in order, install street equipment, select equipment for parking lots, parking lots, parks, squares and adjacent territories.

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