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A container or tank made of ferrous metal or stainless steel is used for stationary storage of various types of liquids and bulk materials. Depending on the functional purpose and the substance filling the tank, the dimensions, design features, capacity, material of manufacture of the tank differ. We are engaged in the production of structures of the following types:

– a storage tank for sewage, a septic tank with a volume of 5-75 cubic meters for draining wastewater;
– hermetic fire tank with mechanical and automatic locking devices;
– stainless steel metal tank for water for technical and food use;
– a metal tank – a large-sized barrel for the industrial storage of a large supply of water, fertilizers, fuels and lubricants, and other liquids.

We produce metal products of a standard sample and according to an individual size. You can buy a tank of ground and underground installation options, vertical or horizontal execution, spherical, cylindrical, rectangular, square type from us.

Production of metal containers

At each plant of our enterprise, technological lines for the production of tanks of various designs are debugged. Production of metal containers takes place in accordance with DSTU and SNiP adopted in Ukraine. The structure made of steel material can be equipped with manholes, branch pipes, shut-off valves. Products differ in the thickness of metal walls, shape, size, volume, the presence of auxiliary elements. You can order the manufacture of metal containers.

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