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Metal racks – light, medium-duty, industrial for trade and production
Racks are useful in business and at home.
Are used in:
— shopping centers;
– industrial sites;
physical and other institutions.

The design of shelving and archival cabinets will help to store all the necessary documents in one place. This will eliminate the loss of extra time searching for papers throughout the office.

Any room should look neat and functional. But it takes a lot of time and money to select the appropriate cabinets, drawers and other storage areas to help achieve this. And shelving will help to significantly reduce the cost and space required for storing materials.

The purchase of a suitable shelving will decorate the room and reduce costs. One prefabricated shelving unit is enough to store a variety of materials.

Types of metal shelving

– Warehouse – they are used to store a lot of materials in small warehouses. This type of metal furniture is used most often.
– trade – used in shops and supermarkets. Their difference from warehouse ones is to withstand a smaller load.
– Archival – used in various organizations, enterprises and enterprises in order to have a certain type of documentation in one place, to facilitate the search for the necessary materials. They are well suited for this job because they are highly durable (made of metal) and can change the design at the request of the owners.
– for garages and car services – for storage of hardware and tires.

Storage rack design

The metal rack can be stationary or mobile.

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