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Buy potbelly stoves, stoves, barbecues from the manufacturer

The store presents a large selection of metal mobile stoves, which are popularly called potbelly stoves. Such a wood-burning stove will help you outside the city, where there is no central heating and gas. You can buy universal models from us that are suitable for summer cottages, garages or country houses.

Factory-made potbelly stoves

A steel potbelly stove differs from a stationary brick oven in its usual installation, mobility, and rapid heat transfer. Mobility is achieved by the low weight of the products due to the lightweight design, which excludes heavy parts and cast-iron grates. For the same reason, potbelly stoves do not require a foundation, and they can be installed on a floor previously prepared for fire safety.

Factory-made potbelly stoves are distinguished by a more thoughtful design and high efficiency. In their manufacture, modern bending and welding technologies are used, which ensure a long service life and safety of the product. The design uses carbon steel 3-4 mm thick.

The right potbelly stove for giving

The best option for heating a small house, greenhouse, garage is an inexpensive portable potbelly stove with a hob for cooking. You can bring such a potbelly stove with you to your country house and take it away at the end of the season.
For summer cottages, we recommend buying a long-burning convection-type potbelly stove, which will provide the house with stable heat and will maintain the desired temperature for a long time. Such potbelly stoves have a more voluminous firebox and a convector casing for quickly heating the air in a room with negative temperatures. The price depends on the power of the potbelly stove, the volume of the furnace, the design of the convection system, the presence of a burner, glass, and others.

What models of bourgeoisie are bought more often?

Models of furnaces with a door made of heat-resistant glass are very popular. They create the effect of a fireplace and additional comfort in the house. In our potbelly stoves, the “clean glass” technology has been introduced, when the air flow from a special micro-gate creates a directed air flow along the glass and protects the glass door from soot. Also on the farm, you may need a hob on which you can cook food or warm water.

Some potbelly stoves can be installed in the furnace of a heat exchanger for connecting water heating or an external tank for heating water.

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