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Buy poles, brackets and decorative elements from the manufacturer

The store offers a large selection of decorative grilles for protecting air conditioners and brackets.
We produce metal lighting poles and flagpoles.

Facade box for air conditioner

– a neat metal box with or without a roof, having slots and holes in the body. The crate will help to secure the outdoor unit of your climate control equipment, which is the most expensive part of it, it will become a reliable obstacle to: negative climatic phenomena; vandalism; hit by random objects.

Since the crate for the air conditioner performs not only an aesthetic function, but also protects and masks the climatic equipment, there are a number of general requirements for any type of this product.

Ensuring good ventilation. Being designed to protect the air conditioner unit, the crate should allow this device to perform its immediate task – to provide efficient heat and air exchange. For this purpose, the product is supplied with a lattice or perforation.
Protection for the air conditioner must be resistant to the external environment. Since the crate is outside, it is exposed to precipitation, wind (often with dust), ultraviolet rays, temperature changes, as well as the effects of exhaust gases containing various chemical elements.
Light weight. Due to the fact that climate control equipment is installed on the facades of buildings, the walls of which can be made of different building materials, the small weight of the structure will be an advantage.
Appearance. Accordingly, the appearance of the facade of the building on which the structure is located depends on the external design.

Galvanized lighting poles, masts, flagpoles

are aesthetic and modern, and the ease of installation and low weight make them the most attractive in comparison with traditional reinforced concrete masts. The durability of operation is achieved by coating the metal mast with zinc, by hot-dip galvanizing. The production of metal lighting poles is carried out by the YUGSTAL plant.

The lighting pole is made of a metal sheet 3-4 mm thick with a conical faceted shape. Production of steel electric lighting poles is carried out in modern equipment. The height of the steel support is from 3 to 12 meters. In the lower part of the metal mast there is a hatch with a cover, the dimensions of which ensure the installation and operation of the electrical switching device.

In the lower part, the post has a metal flange for mounting on a concrete foundation, underground part. Fastening to the foundation of the lighting pole is carried out by installing metal anchors. Anchor bolts may be included in the delivery. The upper conical part of the installation has a reduced diameter and is used for mounting brackets with lamps. The entire metal structure of the lighting pole is galvanized.

Anti-corrosion protection of the metal structure of the mast is made by hot-dip galvanizing (a layer of more than 70 microns), which ensures the service life of the lighting installation.

We can produce lighting poles, masts, flagpoles painted with powder paint.

The price of a lighting pole depends on the thickness of the steel from which it is made and the type of coating, the height of the lighting mast and, as a result, the weight of the lighting installation as a whole. The sale price will also depend on the sale of lighting poles in question.

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