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Industrial cyclones

Cyclone dust collectors or simply cyclones are the most common gas cleaning devices.

Appointment of cyclones

This type of suction unit is suitable for different types of production. Most often it is used in the following areas: cement industry, woodworking, asphalt plant, mineral extraction, agriculture, food production, pharmaceuticals, powder materials, chemical industry, metal casting, rubber and plastics.

Unlike other types of filters, cyclones are less prone to clogging and abrasive wear.

Depending on the type of production and dust, there are several main types of cyclones:

Cyclone with counter swirling flows – for dry dust, for pneumatic transport systems, wood waste.
Dust cyclones of wet and dry non-sticking type.
Cyclones with reverse cone for granular, fibrous dust; for sticky dust.
Non-sticking dust cyclone – for catching ash from flue gases; dust from dryers; dust from devices in which processes with particles suspended in the gas take place; dust generated during pneumatic conveying of materials, etc.
Conical cyclones – for air purification from suspended particles.
Explosion-proof cyclones with explosion-discharge membrane with additional gas outlets through emergency valves.
Cyclones for the agricultural industry – for capturing grain and flour dust.

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