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A wheelchair ramp is an inclined plane installed in addition to or instead of a ladder. Ramps allow wheelchair users, as well as a person pushing a wheelchair, carts, or other wheeled objects, to more easily access a building.

Varieties of ramps

– Fixed ramps for the disabled must comply with regulations and are usually bolted or cemented in place. They are best suited for new buildings or halls. By law, all pharmacies and medical facilities must be equipped with a ramp for the disabled.
– Folding ramps are installed in the entrances on the wall next to the stairs and, if necessary, the ramp is lowered over the stairs. Such a constructive solution helps to pull or push a stroller with a child or a person with disabilities along the ramp. The angle of inclination still remains quite steep, but the ramp still greatly simplifies the task of descending or ascending.

We produce stationary and folding ramps according to the sketches of the customer. Extensive experience in the manufacture of ramps allows us to offer various options for the use of materials and shapes. Our experts will be able to advise which stationary ramp to buy for you.

What to consider when designing a ramp for the disabled

Some common problems associated with permanently installed ramps are: A
wheelchair ramp has too steep or uneven slopes, slopes and landings that are not properly supported, a lack of handrails and side barriers, or a ramp that only reaches a certain height and partially solves the problem.

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