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Buy perforated fasteners from the manufacturer

A number of construction and installation works cannot be carried out without the use of special lining. We offer to buy perforated fasteners, which at times facilitates these tasks. Perforated fasteners are plates, tapes and other fasteners of various shapes and configurations, in which there are holes for fastening with screws, screws or bolts.

Special conditions are available for wholesale and regular customers.

Suspension straight (bracket)

Docking, installation of components located in the same plane. It is actively used to connect profiles, beams, beams, lintels. The material of the structural elements can be different: concrete, wood, hardware. Plates are mounting, window, docking.

perforated tape

Fastening is made in the form of a strip. It is used for additional general rigidity of structures, installation of utilities, facade and roofing systems. It is not the main element for increasing the strength of joints, it is more intended for secondary tasks.

The main advantages of perforated lining

Important advantages of use include a number of factors and properties:
– ease of installation.
— ensuring increased reliability, docking accuracy.
— reduction of time spent during construction.
– long service life.
– wide selection.

In addition to perforated lining, we offer to buy small connecting elements, such as Turned Loop and Packing Buckle.

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