механобробка металлообработка


We offer services for turning, milling metal processing on specialized machines. Serial, small-scale, individual production of parts and assemblies.


Grinding knives, matrices on a surface grinder.
Grinding with a manual grinder.


Cutting on a band saw machine
shaped and sectional metal with a cross section of up to 260 mm.
We guarantee high accuracy and smooth cut edges. We will do the work that cannot be done with a grinder or gas. Without burrs and the need for additional processing of the material.
Accuracy 1.5 – 1.5 mm
Deviation up to 0.05 mm.

Benefits of band saw cutting
– Low labor cost
– No need to grind the cut area
– Cutting metal at different angles
– Ability to cut metals and alloys from aluminum to hard steel.


Drilling metal is an important process necessary for the manufacture of any parts and assemblies. We carry out drilling of blind and through holes of the required diameter. We provide high quality drilling due to a thorough knowledge of technologies and equipment from leading manufacturers.

Maximum thickness 400 mm.
Max diameter 100mm

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