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Buy benches from the manufacturer

We produce outdoor benches from metal, or a combination of metal + wood.
Coating: powder-polymer paint, RAL Classic scale or zinc 320 g/m2.
Fastening type: anchor / in concrete.
You can buy a metal bench at own expense or with delivery across Ukraine.

Wood on a metal base

Wooden benches are a beautiful and inexpensive place to relax. In addition, natural wood (pine, oak, etc.) is an environmentally friendly, safe, warm material that perfectly complements landscape design and looks good against the background of greenery and flowers.
Wooden benches are quite strong and durable, and all thanks to the surface treatment with special compounds and paintwork. As a result, the finished product is resistant to moisture, temperature extremes, decay, fungi and pests, maintaining a presentable appearance for many years.


Buying metal benches is a fairly profitable solution, given the strength, reliability and durability of such products.
Metal benches are resistant to corrosion and require little maintenance. A variety of designs and colors allows you to advantageously complement different recreation areas.

Varieties of lavas

We offer to buy outdoor benches with or without back and armrests. Also, products can vary in size, allowing you to choose the most optimal option for your landscape.

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