Шайба плоская увеличена ГОСТ 6958-78, DIN9021, ISO 7093

Buy hardware from the manufacturer

Industrial hardware is a wide range of small metal products that are used as connecting elements in shipbuilding, aircraft building, mechanical engineering, instrument making, construction, structural assembly, furniture industry, electrical engineering and other industries.

The use of hardware allows you to connect parts from dissimilar materials, fasten structural parts in cases where the use of welding is impossible for various reasons. The connection may be collapsible or non-collapsible.

Perforated fasteners

A number of construction and installation works cannot be carried out without the use of special lining. We offer to buy perforated fasteners, which at times facilitates these tasks. Perforated fasteners are plates, tapes and other fasteners of various shapes and configurations, in which there are holes for fastening with screws, screws or bolts.

Metal washers

Size M6-M20.
Under a specific order, it is possible to develop design documentation and make a washer on an individual order.
The products are packed in 25 kg bags, 15 kg bags are available, as well as in cardboard boxes.

Special conditions are available for wholesale and regular customers.

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