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Bridges (crossings), ladders, ladders, ladders, oriental and other devices for working at heights are manufactured according to standard designs and customer drawings.

Anti-corrosion coating: no coating, enamel paint, powder paint, hot zinc. The type of coating depends on the design. If the structure is bolted, then individual elements can be galvanized or painted.

The platforms are made of steel and have a non-slip PVL coating with a protective parapet. Pipe passages, platforms for lifting and accessing tanks and silos are also made using HDPE.

We produce PVL using our own equipment. We make a staircase, a flight of stairs, a flight of stairs from an expanded metal sheet according to your size.
Sheet thickness for PVL 3-6 mm.
Coating: zinc or powder paint.
The ladder can be welded or bolted.

Ladders and walkways, vertical fire ladders, PVL ladders (flight of stairs, walkers) are rigid and have fasteners that make it impossible to move them. Deflection of the flooring at maximum load does not exceed 0.02 m. Ladders and bridges with a length of more than 3 m have intermediate supports.

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