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Metal waste containers from the company “YUGSTAL”

The website of the YUGSTAL plant presents metal containers for MSW and construction waste. They can be installed in the courtyards of apartment buildings, streets in the private sector, near industrial enterprises, for the accumulation and sorting of garbage.

The catalog contains painted metal tanks and galvanized metal waste containers.

Outdoor trash metal container for solid waste

Metal waste container with a lid prevents the spread of unpleasant odors and bacteria. Durable metal is resistant to chemicals, temperature extremes, mechanical damage.

All tanks have a grab for automated or manual unloading. All containers are equipped with wheels for easy movement on any surface and holes for draining the liquid after sanitizing.

On the site you can buy tanks for solid household waste.

– 750 l.
– 900 l;
– 1100 l.
— For INDUSTRIAL waste and construction debris, we produce containers “shuttles” for a straddle loader and a multi-lift with a volume of up to 10 m3.

Where to buy a container for collecting municipal solid waste?

On our website you can order a metal trash container wholesale or retail.
The price of a garbage container is not indicated on the site, because the price depends on the conditions of tenders, quantity, delivery conditions. The price also depends on the configuration. Waste containers are always in stock. It is possible to purchase a container by self-delivery from Zaporozhye or with delivery in Ukraine. For more information, please contact us at the numbers listed on the site.

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