Емкости металлические
Frame filters for gas cleaning
Stairs, steps, transitions
Reinforcing cages for foundations
Truss metal
Metal profiles

Manufacture of steel structures at the plant YUGSTAL.

We will produce metal structures according to the drawings or sketches of the customer:
metal frames, trusses, supports, ramps, metal structures for the foundation, steel frames.

Metal structures allow you to quickly erect various structures, serve as a frame for advertising structures, the basis for fences, and perform other important functions.

Production of metal trusses

These are solid steel structures, consisting of metal elements connected to each other. Due to the combination of low weight, high strength and affordable price, trusses are in great demand. We will make a drawing, perform metal cutting, and then start the production of metal structures.

Production of welded metal structures

Welding is one of the methods of high-quality connection of metal components. We carry out professional assembly of simple and complex metal structures in strict accordance with their technology and specifics. We weld sheet metal products, frame structures and frames. We use welding methods with lower heat input.
Welding robots on semiautomatic devices. Laser welding. Material – stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and so on.

Production of metal tanks, tanks

We offer a service for the creation of tanks and tanks for various purposes. We use laser cutting of metal and modern welding equipment. We have the necessary materials for the production of different types of tanks. You can not waste time looking for metal, but buy everything you need from us.

Any form of payment and delivery.

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