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Metal cabinets are most often used in offices, sports centers, schools and universities, warehouses and supermarkets. And all because metal furniture best meets the needs of modern life, metal cabinets have a number of significant advantages compared to products made from other materials.


Metal furniture does not burn, is resistant to shock and corrosion. Metal furniture withstands the load, from which wooden or plastic would have become unusable long ago, so it is indispensable in public places. Equipping the interior, first of all, be guided by the ability of cabinets to withstand the load in an unfavorable environment. Metal furniture retains its original state as long as possible.


Another property closely related to strength is durability. Therefore, metal furniture lasts much longer than any other. For example, metal cabinet doors can easily withstand thousands of opening/closing cycles, and scratches and chips formed on the surface can be easily repaired. Metal furniture will still perform its function, while the wooden one is already crumbling.

Environmental friendliness

Furniture made of wood and chipboard is treated with special compounds containing resins and potentially hazardous substances. The surface of metal furniture is protected by a powder polymer coating, which is 100% safe and meets all standards and sanitary requirements.

Ease of use of metal cabinets

Metal furniture is unpretentious, no expensive care products are needed, and it is not afraid of moisture or dirt. You do not have to polish them or remove “heavy” stains with special tools.
Thanks to the protective coating, the metal easily tolerates regular wet cleaning. Many models of metal cabinets are provided with ventilation holes, which prevents the appearance of foreign odors. Agree, these are invaluable characteristics for sports clubs and locker rooms.

Easy to assemble metal furniture

To assemble and disassemble metal cabinets, neither special knowledge nor excessive efforts are required – skill is enough. At least dozens of times you move or make repairs in the office – your shelving, metal cabinets will fully retain their properties.

Variety of cabinets

Metal furniture can be any. Restrained and simple or bright and ultra-modern. The metal cabinet will take its rightful place and will perfectly fit into the interior of the office of the president of the company or the youth club. Decorate the room and emphasize the chosen style.

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