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The production of metal structures is used for the implementation of construction projects, for the creation of structures in industrial enterprises, by individuals or within commercial organizations. Today, such structures can be found in the field of creating frame houses, garages, hangars, trade kiosks, change houses, modular buildings.

The role of metal structures in the modern world

The strength of a metal structure is an important characteristic that affects a long period of operation, reliability and functionality. During the development of projects using metal frames, technical qualities, GOST used during creation, and professional recommendations are taken into account.

Metal structures have their advantages:

— simple installation in any weather;
– invariable preservation of the form;
– ease of transportation;
– effective use at any angle as ceilings or beams;
– no reactions with mold and excess moisture due to factory zinc coating;
— fire safety;
– the convenience of creating structures with visible cost savings;
— universality of application in any climatic zones.

The manufacture of metal structures requires a responsible approach, so this process is carried out under appropriate conditions. Any mistake or significant deviation in the end can turn into a danger to life. The modern production base allows you to create structures of various levels of complexity, shapes and with different mounting options. High-quality steel sheets are taken as the basis for manufacturing, which are durable and mobile material.

Steel structures offered on the market go through three main production stages:

— design;
– preparation and production;
– application of a protective coating.

Production is carried out both according to an individual scheme and according to a standard one – quality control is mandatory at each stage. A special approach to the creation of metal structures allows you to create safe and cost-effective products that differ from the faceless forms of metals. Highly qualified specialists and reliable equipment are the two main resources with which you can create different metal configurations with strict adherence to assembly and dimensions according to the drawings. And impeccable adherence to technology allows us to solve the main problem with the cost, keeping it at an affordable level.

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