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Reinforcing cages for foundations, columns, piles

10 000 грн

  • Minimum order of 5 frames
  • Delivery: from 24 hours
  • Production time from 72 hours
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Production of reinforced frames in dry covered workshops. Delivery to the object.
Our production allows us to produce reinforcing cages in a very short time. If you are short on time or space, then having rebar cages pre-welded off site and delivered on the exact day you need them
need ☎ , renders positive
influence ✉ on
logistics and timely completion of your construction.
Buy armoframe in an unlimited number of configurations for any of your projects. We can cover with a primer, zinc 320 g/m2.

Buy reinforcing cages

The price for reinforced cages is not indicated on the site, because the price depends on the terms of tenders, quantity, delivery terms. The price depends on the shape and grade of steel. Reinforcing cages are custom-made. It is possible to buy a reinforcement frame by self-delivery from Zaporozhye or with delivery to Nikopol, Melitopol, Energodar, Dniprorudne, Dnipro.

  • Armoframes for bored piles, supports.
  • Armoframes for columns (square, triangular).
  • Flat reinforcing cages for foundations, floors, creation of reinforced concrete structures.

Welded reinforcing cages are made of high-quality steel produced in Ukraine. We have many years of experience in designing and manufacturing reinforcement solutions for large construction projects. We have the production capacity and will provide the most efficient solution for your facility.

The presence of prefabricated frames and other reinforcement structures eliminates the hassle of finding suitable steel, creating a project and welding the frame on site.

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