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On our own equipment, we produce metal structures from a profile pipe, channel or angle – FARMS according to your size.

– Metal truss trusses, interlinear.
– cantilever steel trusses.
– metal arched trusses.
— steel cable trusses (tensile only).
– Truss metal cut and continuous.

A high-quality metal truss does not change its configuration under the influence of loads. Its design includes a belt, braces, racks. Nodal fasteners are used to connect elements. Depending on the shape of the belt, products can be triangular, polygonal, segmented. The configuration of the belt is determined by the technical specifications of the customer. It depends on the structure of the roof of the building, the selected materials and the architecture of the building as a whole.

Each truss is designed in accordance with the loads for which it is intended. To increase strength, all elements are carefully centered.

Our specialists design and create metal structures specifically for the conditions in which they will be operated. This takes into account the number of storeys of the building, the features of its foundation and architectural style.

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