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Foundation bolts

18 грн

  • Minimum order of 10 bolts
  • Delivery: from 24 hours
  • Production time from 72 hours
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Foundation bolts for attaching heavy machinery or structures to concrete.
Our production allows us to make foundation bolts in a very short time.
Call now ☎ 068-2187711 , 050-2187711
write ✉ mk@yugstal.com
When it comes to foundation bolts, JUGSTAL can meet almost any requirement. Our capabilities are not limited to foundation bolts.
We sell foundation bolts in an unlimited number of configurations for any of your projects. We can cover with a primer, paint, zinc 320 g/m2.

Buy foundation bolts from the manufacturer

The price of foundation bolts is not indicated on the site, because the price depends on the conditions of tenders, quantity, delivery terms. Price depends on the shape and grade of steel. Bolts are made according to the customer’s size. You can buy blocks of bolts with pickup from Zaporozhye or with delivery.

  • FOUNDATION BOLT is a threaded hairpin that is installed in a foundation or wall. Foundation bolts are: straight, component, curved, with anchor plate, removable.
  • ANCHOR BLOCK is an embedded part of welded foundation bolts. Manufactured from angle and anchors, flanged, with plate.

The foundation bolt has a thread on one side and a bend on the other. The bend provides pull-out resistance while encased in a concrete base. Using heavy-duty hex nuts and other related hardware, these bolts can secure structures such as road signs, lampposts, and steel columns.
Although L-bend and J-bend are one of the most popular options, we can manufacture any structure or product for concrete according to your sketches, drawings.

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