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Metal containers

  • Minimum order of 1 piece
  • Delivery: from 24 hours
  • Production time from 72 hours
Metal tanks industrial, tankswill be made according to customer drawings. Application in the agro-industrial complex as a bunker, storage tank for bulk and liquid materials. Metal containers are placed horizontally, vertically, underground.
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Capacities for storage, reverse

container (reservoir) material: stainless steel, black steel, galvanized steel. Depending on the conditions of installation and operation, they can be reinforced with stiffeners, a shell, an outer frame. Each type is designed for specific tasks: long-term or short-term storage, reversion, transportation, reception, distribution of the product. Tanks and capacities steel for various technological environments from water to crude oil and products from it.

Underground tanks

These are sealed metal containers of cylindrical shape with conical or flat bottoms, designed to store various liquids and substances underground in the soil. Underground steel tanks require special anti-corrosion and waterproofing preparation. Installing a tank underground most often implies an increased level of humidity and a greater likelihood of mechanical damage to the tank during earthworks. All this entails increased risks of destruction of the tank structure and violation of its tightness.
To protect against the aggressive effects of the soil, a waterproofing layer of rubber-bitumen mastic or bitumen primer is necessarily applied to metal underground containers. The number of layers of application of material for waterproofing tanks depends on the moisture level of the soils in which the tanks will be placed.
Underground steel tanks are used for storage and dispensing of petroleum products, fuels, lubricating oils and lubricants. In addition, underground tanks can be adapted to store drinking and technical water (fire tanks), as well as to collect storm water.

Buy metal containers at the YUGSTAL plant

The price of containers is not indicated on the site, because the price depends on the quantity, delivery conditions. The price depends on the complexity of the design. Steel tanks can be standard and made to order. You can buy a container by self-delivery or with delivery.

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