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Egoza barbed fence 450/3 and brackets

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Spiral barbed fence (egoza) 450/3 (75 turns) TU U 25.9-37941143-005:2021. Price in price (pdf)

  • Recommended length 12m. Maximum 16m.
  • Vitkov 75.
  • Diameter 450 mm when folded.
  • The weight of the skein is about 8.7 kg.
  • Zinc coating on the fence at least 90 g/m2.
  • Wire core 2.5±0.05 mm. Ultimate strength (temporary resistance to destruction) not less than 1800 MPa. Carbon content 0.6-0.8%.
  • Barbed tape 0.5±0.05 mm.
  • Mounting – dovetail staples. 3 pieces in a circle.
  • Additionally, a package of staples (15 pcs) is provided free of charge with each barbed fence.
  • The fence is packed in paper and burlap.

Brackets for egoza and barbed wire.

  • Hot-rolled square: 32x32x3 mm.
  • Holes: Ø 5 mm for tension wires, Ø 9 mm for attaching to posts and fences.
  • Weight 1.5 kg.
  • Coating: primer
  • Pipe Ø 17×2.2 mm or 15x15x2.0 mm.
  • Open: Ø 7 mm for tension bolt.
  • Coating: primer

How to determine how many skeins to buy

  1. With the recommended stretch of 12 m, 6.3 turns of the wire fence will lie on 1 linear meter of the perimeter. Example: 1800 m is the length of the perimeter. 1800 m/12 m = 150 skeins
  2. You can save money and buy a barbed fence with a maximum stretch of 16 m . With such an installation, 4.7 turns will lie on 1 linear meter of the perimeter.
    Example: 1800 m is the length of the perimeter. 1800 m / 16 m = 112.5 skeins rounded to the nearest integer. We get 113 skeins. But keep in mind that with a strong stretch, the barbed fence is more difficult to mount and the risk of injury increases.

Scale Mounting Options

Purchase and delivery

  1. Form of payment: bank transfer, bank account payment.
  2. Payment methods: 100% prepayment, payment upon loading (transport is on our territory until we see the money).
  3. Delivery: pickup, delivery by our transport in Zaporozhye and the region, delivery by courier services, delivery by hired transport for collection with other products.

How not to be deceived when buying egoza

  1. The number of turns. If you are not told how many turns are in a skein and how much a skein weighs, then you have come across an illiterate dealer.
  2. wire Ø. Do not confuse the diameter of the Reinforced Barbed Tape (AKL) and wire. The diameter of the AKL is the diameter of the wire 2.5 mm + the thickness of the tape on both sides (0.5 mm + 0.5 mm). With a wire diameter of 2.5 mm, the total diameter of the AKL will be 3.5 mm.
  3. Core quality. The wire must be high-carbon with a tensile strength of 1700 MPa. Otherwise, the prickly barrier will not fulfill its function – it can be easily eaten with pliers and it will fold under weight. Feel free to ask the supplier for a conclusion or test report.
  4. Zinc plated. Ignore the marketing slogans “super protection”, “double galvanizing”, and others. Manage the numbers! Zinc is applied in two ways: hot (more than 90 g/m2) and electrolytic (15-30 g/m2). With electrolytic galvanizing, the product will begin to rust within 1 year of operation. We supply barbed fences only with hot-dip galvanization. In this case, we indicate a minimum value of 90 g/m2, but in fact, zinc deposits can reach 100-120 g/m2. Be sure to check these numbers with the supplier.

How to compare the price of a fence with another supplier

  1. Knowing the price per set and the number of turns, you can find out the price per turn. Manufacturers have a different number of turns and installation length – not an indicator! You only need to compare the price for 1 turn with the same core diameter.
  2. Knowing the weight of the skein and the price. You can determine the price for 1 kg of fence. This is also a fairly clear indicator.
  3. The price per linear meter is purely reference information, because the barrier, like an accordion, can be stretched very much to the point of deformation or not reached. The optimal stretch is when the distance between adjacent staples is about 33 cm.
  4. If you were given a price with delivery, find out separately the price of delivery from different transport companies. Because in this way the manufacturer tries to disguise the huge price of the barbed fence with delivery.
  5. It is advisable to compare a barbed fence complete with brackets. They occupy in the estimate 20-30% of the price of the entire barrier. Semi-circular brackets are cheaper, but during installation they can turn out to be more expensive than Y-shaped ones. Because the semi-circular bracket needs a base to which it is welded.

There is no word EGOZA in Ukrainian

We sell not a fidget, but SPIRICAL BARBED FENCE made of reinforced barbed tape. This is a more correct and more accurate term.
Wikipedia defines the word egoza: Egoza – a mountain in the Urals. Egoza is a river in the Chelyabinsk region. Egoza is a type of barbed wire. Egoza is a restless, hyperactive person (child).

Why did the word egoza for “stuck” to barbed fences

We have our guess. In the Urals, at the foot of Mount Iegoza, there is the city of Kyshtym, through which flows the Iegoza River of the same name with the mountain. Russian settlers used the incomprehensible Bashkir word Egauizy (ek – “intermountain” and auizy – “entrance”) in their own way – Egoza. Since 1946, one of the GULAG facilities, Construction 859 and VTT, has been located there, the task of which was to build and maintain the infamous Mayak enterprise (production of nuclear weapons components, storage of nuclear fuel and waste), a brick factory, coal and marble mining. . The Gulag ceased to exist, but the colonies and prisons remained. Most likely, it was here among the prisoners and staff that a connection between the Jehoza area, the fidget and the barbed fence appeared.

  • In Ukraine, at tender sites, they announce the purchase of egoza, implying that this is not a specific product, but a type of fence. Google translator translates the word egoza from Russian into Russian as “egoza”. And tender purchases “Egoza-type barrier barrier or equivalent”
  • Egoza-type barrier line – Egoza-type barrier line
  • Egoza-type barbed wire with fasteners (brackets) – Egoza-type barbed wire with fasteners (brackets)
  • Egoza type fencing – Wire fence of the Egoza type

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