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Laser panel fences

4 120 грн

  • Minimum order of 10 panels
  • Delivery: from 24 hours
  • Production time from 72 hours
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Laser metal panel fences have quickly become one of the most coveted fences in modern construction due to their unique design.
The reason why laser panels are one of the best-selling ones is that their aesthetics are an order of magnitude higher than current trends in architecture. Design and color range from Nordic minimalism to sophisticated bright oriental patterns. And the price of laser panel fences is lower compared to wrought iron fences. Laser-cut panels at the YUGSTAL factory can take you to another level, distinguish you from hundreds of similar locations.
Thanks to a modern laser, we can produce panel fences in black and stainless steel. The technologies we use make the production process very precise, fast and flexible, which allows us to realize the most daring ideas of our customers. Buyers of hedges are both private individuals and state-owned enterprises.

Laser panel fences can be used as:

– fences and enclosing panels;
– railings;
– wall and ceiling panels;
– partitions;
– places of lighting;
– decoration of outdoor blocks of air conditioners;
– protection of heating radiators;
– registration of windows and balconies;
– home and garden decoration and much more.


  • We can produce panel fences of any shape and size.
  • Powder coating in a wide range of colors from the RAL palette.
  • Fences that are in close proximity to the sea, we can cover with zinc 320 g/m2.
  • Material: black or stainless steel.

Delivery of panel fences

All fences are delivered unassembled. Panels and posts are packed separately. If the products are needed urgently, then we deliver through any transport company. If you want to save on shipping, you can wait. Our logistician will form a car that will move in your direction. And then the delivery of fencing panels will be cheaper than by Nova Poshta.

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