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Electrical cabinet (body)

  • Minimum order from 1 piece
  • Delivery: from 24 hours
  • Production time from 72 hours
Any terms of cooperation with public and private entities. Delivery of electrical cabinets by own transport or self-delivery. We work without days off.
Call now ☎ 068-2187711 , 050-2187711
write ✉ mk@yugstal.com
Electrical cabinets for electrical equipment we will produce according to your size with your wishes for filling.
Steel thickness 0.5 – 1.0 mm.

Buy an electrical cabinet from the manufacturer

Price for wiring cabinets is not indicated on the site, because the price depends on the conditions of tenders, quantity, delivery terms. The price depends on the size and content. You can buy a cabinet for self-pickup or delivery.

Electrical cabinets by type of installation:

– Floor.
– Wall cabinets with and without legs.
– Street.

Cabinets by construction type:

– Teams.
– all-welded body.

Filling the wiring cabinet:

According to your desire – locks against illegal entry, seals to protect against moisture and dust, shelves, rails, hooks, partitions

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